Welcome to the ICT Professionals Association of Namibia

The ICT Professionals Association of Namibia (ICTPAN) has been established to afford Namibian ICT companies and ICT professionals a voice in the development of the ICT sector as one of the key pillars of the economy.Vision 2030 will transform the country into a knowledge-based economy with high levels of employment and development. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has multiple roles to play in this process:

  • To empower all Namibians in the effective use of ICT. The ICT sector needs to work with government, civil society, development partners and other private sector initiatives to expand access and understanding of ICT.
  • To maximise the use of ICT in all sectors of the economy. ICT improves efficiency and productive capabilities. Innovative ICT solutions and products appropriate to the Namibian economy must be developed, marketed and supported by the ICT sector as part of its contribution to national development.
  • Grow the ICT sector and expand its capabilities to deliver solutions and products throughout the region and internationally.
  • Encourage a diverse and inclusive ICT sector with opportunities for ownership, entrepreneurship and participation from all segments of society.

ICTPAN will promote universal access to ICT for all Namibians, and advance the ICT sector in Namibia. To achieve these goals ICTPAN will engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders (Other private sector associations, government and international bodies). ICTPAN through its constitution is committed to open and transparent processes.


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